Osterferien nach der 3. Stunde
Q4: Ende der Kursphase / Zeugnisausgabe
18.00 Uhr - Schulkonferenz
06.04.2021 - 16.04.2021
Erster Schultag nach den Osterferien
14.00 Uhr - Gesamtkonferenz
Beginn des schriftlichen Abiturs
17.00 Uhr - Infoveranstaltung "Übergang in die Q-Phase"
19.00 Uhr - Infoveranstaltung "Übergang in die E-Phase"

Jack Newbold Ė Fremdsprachenassistent 2020/2021

I am at RKS aspart oft he British Council programme which I am taking part in a spart of my 3rd year at the University of Leeds, where I study German and International Relations. Outside of University, I lieve near Stratford-upon-Avon right in the centre of England, about 1hr30 north of London. When I was 10, ) lived in Heidelberg for 3 years with my family due to my Dadís work and have been keen to return to Gemany ever since, so I am happy to finally do so for this year.

My interests range from football and supporting Leicester City, to music and films, and I also am very interested in politics and current affairs (just donít talkt o me about Brexit). Feel free to stop me to chat about any of these things, as long es Leicester didnít lose at the weekend.

Again, thank you fort he warm welcome and I canít wait to get properly started and involved with everything at RKS!

See you around,